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About brown-iposs

14 years of brown-iposs

Since 14 years brown-iposs is offering products, consulting, and services in the area of radio (mobile) networks. It is also involved in different R&D projects. Focussing on tailored solutions in the area of radio network optimization and planning highly specialied software, systems, and consulting is offered.


brown-iposs GmbH has been founded in February 2006 by its former shareholders

  • TNC GmbH, Aachen
  • TEDSoft GmbH, Bonn and 
  • Dr. Bernd Schröder.

Founders of brown-iposs have been Dr. Thomas Frontzek, Dr. Martin Hellebrandt, Professor Dr. Rudolf Mathar, Dr. Stefan Meuser, and Dr. Bernd Schröder. All team members have been involved since the '90ties in the area of planning, operating, optimization and modeling of mobile and wired networks. This broad experience was the base and core of brown-iposs.

Nowadays the company is solely owned by Dr. Bernd Schröder, and directed by Karsten Schmeling and Bernd. Still the strong co-operation with the former shareholders remains, however, the new structure is an important step in the continuous growth of brown-iposs.

Offer & Customer

brown-iposs possess therefore know-how of many years in the area of planning, building and operating mobile and fixed line networks. Our in-depth experience with carriers and providers gives us a portfolio of well-proven software and our especially developed products.

Our customers are mobile oberators, soft- and hardware suppliers, municipalities, public services and all types of carrier of telecommunication networks. We supply our customers with our portfolio and technical know-how for planning and integrating broadband networks.

BROadband Wireless Networks -

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