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20.09.2019 - We moved!

A new chapter in the brown-iposs company history was opened today! As already announced on various channels, we moved into our new office building - only 500 meters further on, in Siegburger Str. 49, opposite the Pantheon Theater in Bonn-Beuel. In the former director's villa opposite the jute factory, surrounded by a beautiful park, yet centrally located, within walking distance of Beuel station and centre, we now have plenty of space for working, meetings, seminars and even barbecues :-).

08.07.2019 - Next 5G Measuring Campaign

Again, brown-iposs is on the road für a mobile network company - regarding a 5G measuring campaign. With 5G, new radio frequency domains are coming from theoretical into practical use. Furthermore, the capacity demand increases - this will be satisfied by Small Cells, among other solutions. All this need measuring data, which we deliver - of course :-)

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02.07.2019 - Trainings about Cyber Security in the Park

In cooperation with the Lernlabor Cybersicherheit of the Fraunhofer Academy and the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg practical trainings regarding IT security at our "seminars-in-the-park" venue are offered. The trainings are taking place at our brand-new generous rooms in Bonn-Beuel. IT users as well as professionals can be trained here on the topics IoT- and IT- security, theoretical and moreover practical by using latest hard- and software. This is further education - in a beautiful central location, with partners from the mobile radio sector, and with lecturers with the newest knowledge from the Fraunhofer- and University research.

More details about our new "seminars-in-the-park" venue can be found at www.seminare-im-park.de, or at Facebook

26.06.2019 - Radio Propagation Measurements at Deutsches Museum Bonn

Together with the University RWTH Aachen radio propagation measurements at Deutsches Museum Bonn have been done. As part of the IRAP- projects tests been carried out in the 2,4, 3,5, and 5 GHz domain. These measurements will be used in order to increase the accuracy of the theoretical propagation models in the real surrounding of the museum.

Latest research in historical- technological surrounding - that matches perfectly!

More details can be found at our Facebook channel

25.03.2019 - New Head Quarter for brown-iposs in Autumn 2019

brown-iposs will move in autumn - naturally we remain loyal to Bonn. At the formerly Director's villa of Bonn's Jute plant we are offering a pretty seminar area - also open for other companies - and will have lots of space. The villa is located in a pretty park at Siegburger Str. in Bonn-Beuel. There is a lot to do until then - let's go!

More detailsabout the location and its progress can be found at our Facebook channel

13.03.2019 - brown-iposs @ Cyber Security Tech Summit Europe

The "Cyber Security Tech Summit Europe" took place in Bonn at WCCB. As a member of the "Cyber Security Cluster Bonn" brown-iposs was happy to participate.

"Feel the Cyber Security Heartbeat of Europe": On two days lots of talks and discussions about current challenges of cyber defense took place - and 2000 participants joined. High impact lectures by speakers from Germany and abroad were given, e.g. by Arne Schönborn (BSI, German Federal Office for Information Security), general lieutenant Ludwig Leinhos (Inspector Cyber-and Information space German forces), and Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart - minister of economics, innovation, digitization and energy.

More details can be found at https://cyber-security-tech-summit.eu/en/2019.html

12.03.2019 - 4th iRaptor project meeting

The 4th iRaptor project workshop again took place at Wernerwerk in Berlin. Thanks to our project partner Travelping for organization and hosting! The result is promising: GWCN and cloudification is on its way, as well as a first test-bed implementation at TU Chemnitz.

To learn more about the research network BIC-IRAP and the project iRaptor have a look at our page here: Research->BIC-IRAP

23.11.2018 - New Web-Pages online

Our web-site got a fresh look and some new pages

Like at home from time-to-time web-pages need a redecoration. We worked on this for a longer while already - now it is done.
What's new?

  • The new design is more mobile friendly (all about apps today)
  • Clearer menu structure
  • We streamlined our pages a bit and removed "old stuff"
  • Looks more fancy ...
Hopefully you like our new look, like we do ;-)

20.11.2018 - WiMAP-4G 7.1 released - LoRaWAN-support, enhanced buildings consideration ...

WiMAP-4G release 7.1 is now available for download.

The focus of the 7.1 release of WiMAP is a much improved buildings consideration model, the support of LoRAWAN and again a bunch of detail improvements.

  • Support of LoRaWAN (also in demo project enclosed)
  • Enhanced support of import of OpenStreetMap™ buildings
  • Support of building intersection also for ITU & Erceg model (only professional)
  • Native UTM and WGS84-support (more performance, less transformation)
  • Export also for technology data
  • Points – Convert drawn points into points of desired point category
  • Huge improvements in performance calculating with buildings
  • Native https support for online elevation & buildings import
Beside these new features we also fixed a few bugs ;-).

29.03.2018 - Second Managing director: Karsten Schmeling

The management of brown-iposs has got reinforcement - Karsten Schmeling is now acting next Dr. Bernd Schröder as managing director. This new area of responsibility complements the many years of cooperation as project manager.

We look forward to a continued great and committed co-operation with Karsten!

01.02.2018 - Conference Cooperation Network  BIC-IRAP and kick-off  "iRaptor"

Two successful and very productive days were spent in Berlin at the partner ng4T by the cooperation network BIC-IRAP . The Workshops about the projects "IRAP-QMV" and "iRaptor" took place in the Wernerwerk-Hochhaus, which is a very interesting building - from both, historical and architectural, point of view. 

Additionally, the brown-iposs employee Soujanya Parkala defends her master thesis successfully at the second conference day. The master theses "Performance Analysis of Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P)"was done together with the TU Chemnitz. brown-iposs is very proud of her success - warm congratulations! 

In order to use the positive momentum of the conference, a follow up workshop in April 2018 became agreed.

18.01.2018 - final event - "dreipunktnull - certification"

brown-iposs always appreciates and promotes the potential and the qualification of their employees. Therefore we are proud to announce the dreipunktnull - certification of Karsten Schmeling. The celebration took place on  January, 18th, in the the room of Zenit in the city Mülheim an der Ruhr - an an festive setting. The one- year personal development program dreipunktnull was offered and performed by company Beck und Consorten GmbH and supported by Zenit.

Commend Karsten Schmeling: "My expectations have been over fulfilled widely. The program dreipunktnull  from Beck und Consorten GmbH was sophisticated, stressful and not always funny. But just because of it, the program brought me further. The support from the colleagues from Beck und Consorten GmbH was excellent, especially the help from my mentor Oliver Köhler".

Commend Dr. Bernd Schröder, CEO brown-iposs: "Unfortunately, the thunder Storm "Friederike" destroyed my participation of the celebration. But I did receive lots of positive feedback and I do know how good the the program dreipunktnull is - not least from the accompaniment from last year. Especially in stormy times it depends on highly motivated and qualified employees, who are standing on the ground with both legs and support us with their commitment. I am happy, that Karsten Schmeling did graduate the development program dreipunktnull in an excellent way  - I am proud of his certificate." 

02.01.2018 - iRaptor and IRAP-QMV started

BIC-IRAP initiated by brown-iposs started two more interesting high-level R&D-projects: iRaptor and IRAP-QMV.

Focus of IRAP-QMV, which has started on October 1st, 2017 already, are quality measurement systems for IRAP-networks - so local networks for business coverage indoor solution based on LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi. Within this project the partners Qualigon, Technical University of Chemnitz and brown-iposs are looking for a completly novel approach combining app-based and core-based measurements with deep protocol analysis mechanism.

iRaptor is starting today and is looking for the realisation of BIC-IRAP-networks and its components. First challenge is to define a proper architecture which is deployable shortly. Having this done the projects and its contributors - BSISDN, ng4T, Hotzone, Travelping, brown-iposs, RWTH Aaachen, University of Applied Science Osnabrück, Technical University Chemnitz - is looking for efficient steering and controlling IRAP-networks with a particular view on its operability.

BIC-IRAP is facing the challenges of:

  • Integration of Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G beyond Hotspot 2.0
  • Multi-operator ability, transparent for customers
  • Multi-band usage, efficient utilisation of all radio spectra
  • Small Cells as a Service for medium-size indoor locations

27.11.2017 - Master Thesis about "Analysis of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Calls"

brown-iposs is always supporting young engineers - now we are proud to announce the closing of Mr. Ehab Bahgat’s master thesis. The master thesis is called "Analysis of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Calls". This master thesis is an important contribution in order to enhance the fault tracing process of VoLTE calls. Mr. Ehab Bahgat did elaborate his master thesis at the Technical University Cologne supervised by Professor Dr. Andreas Grebe, and he did defend his master thesis successfully at brown-iposs’ office in Bonn on the 13th of November, 2017.


"VoLTE is a new technology that promises clearer voice calls over LTE networks with fast call setup time and providing Quality of Services feature to the users. But as a new emerging technology, there is a need to understand it and to have all its challenges under control. Therefor this thesis is working on analyzing the VoLTE calls to find call flow model as a reference to identify failures with its help. Also to identify trigger points to validate the success or a failure of a VoLTE session, and locate the fault in an efficient way."

31.10.2017 - Measuring campaign - 5G and LTE-Advanced

On behalf of a German network operator, brown-iposs did in the past weeks - in co-operation with University of Applied Sciences Leipzig - an extensive measuring campaign about LTE-advanced and 5G - goal of the campaign was to gain enough data to verify the goodness of radio propagation models, thus adaptation of the models for the radio field planing of 5G and LTE- advanced networks.

The measuring campaign included:

  • Measurements in 4 cities at 9 sites
  • at antenna heights between 4 to max. 74 meter
  • constant output power of 40 dBm.

The used measurement system was based on a measuring receiver from Rhode&Schwarz, connected with a laptop with using Romes software and external GPS-receiver. With this equipment, different radio conditions have been tested, in 3,5 GHz domain as well as 900- and 1900 MHz bands. The evaluation of the measurements was done with the - among others - brown-iposs software WiMAP-4G. In a further project, the radio propagation models will be optimized by using the results of the measuring campaign.
Report at Golem

01.06.2017 - IC4F - Industrial Communication for Factories - started

IC4F - the flag-ship project of the German research program looking for future communication solution in production environments.

IC4F aims to develop secure, robust and real-time communication solutions for the processing industry. By mid-2020, 15 industry and research project partners will develop a technology building block for a trusted industrial communications and computing infrastructure based on an open and cross-domain architecture that allows modular expansion for new applications and communication technologies.

It uses key technologies from the areas of 5G, multi-access edge computing (MEC), cloud computing, virtualization, as well as industrial monitoring and analytics. The technology kit is designed to allow users to select the right ICT technologies, according to the new Industry 4.0 requirements and the specific migration approach.

brown-iposs is developping within IC4F an easy-to-use supporting solution for shop-floor-administrators, which enables them to detect and solve networking issues at a glance - based on deep analysis done by a highly sophisticated backend system. At our web-page you may read some more about this.

20.12.2016 - WiMAP-4G 7.0 bring major improvements in handling and usability

The new release 7.0 of WiMAP-4G is introducing the new hardware and template concept.

Several improvements are done to support the handling and visualization of  planning and measurement results such as:

  • Sites and clients based on hardware component
  • Categories and templates for all objects (sites, clients, ...)
  • Export to / import from global database for any objects
  • Selection of coordinate system for import/export of any objects
  • Channel and Technologies replace old carrier data model
  • Sites and points import using address information (CSV)
  • Import of measurement data from Spectrum Analyzer supported
  • Corla Licensing over USB-Dongle (not longer project limited)
  • Import of OpenStreetMap™ buildings added
  • Flexible filtering concept and mass data manipulation, assignment of attributes
Beside these new features there are further more to find out.

22.02.2016 - BIC-IRAP at Mobile World Congess and CeBIT 2016

The co-operation network BIC-IRAP initiated by brown-iposs is presenting its ideas about indoor mobile Internet coverage for enterprises at Mobile World Congress 2016 at common IKT NRW booth 6B40 and at Cebit 2016 at booth H6 C51.

BIC-IRAP is aiming at the development of a system for high-efficiency multi-operator-enabled voice and data services in enterprise environments using multimode cells as an innovation to supply the inner area of medium-sized buildings that are characterized by high visitor traffic with wireless Internet.

BIC-IRAP is addressing telecommunication operators, users, operators and property managers. The cooperation network consists of small and medium sized enterprises as well as partners from academic institutions in Germany from the field of software defined networking, wireless network technology development as well as the planning and implementation of commercial wireless network solutions.

15.02.2016 - 10 years of brown-iposs - congress "Networks of the Future"

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, brown-iposs organized on 11 and 12 February 2016 at BaseCamp in Bonn congress "Networks of the Future" with about 120 participants.

Areas of specialization were integrated building coverage for mobile Internet and machine-to-machine communication, M2M short or IoT (Internet of Things). In addition to subject content was also celebrated diligently, with food and drink, and with the "Fat Fishes" (Dicke Fische).

Corinna Egerer led through the program. After greetings by the First Mayor of Bonn, Mr Reinhard Limbach, and keynote by Dr. Stefan Bungart, T-Systems International, the focus went on innovative building coverage for mobile Internet - with WLAN, LTE, with Small Cells. On second day the topics "Industrial Internet" and the "Internet of Things" were discussed.

The requirements of "IoT", especially in industrial environments, on network connection, but also on data processing and security are clearly distinguished from those of the mobile Internet. Specifically reliability, complexity and efficiency are of particular importance. More details about our congress including photos and video can be found here.

30.11.2015 - WiMAP-4G 6.1 comes with full MIMO support

Some of the new features are:

  • Colouring of measurement points according to theme's colour settings
  • Easy cloning of existing components
  • Export and import of points and sites including colouring values
  • Direct link to Google Maps for each measurement point
  • Import and automatical positioning of location images
  • Embedded image viewer to show location maps directly within the GUI
  • Enhanced handling of points, clients, sites by hierarchy tabs
  • Multiple import of location images enabled
  • Export location images to KML
  • Layers selection by filter criteria with automatic identification search terms

01.04.2015 - Cooperation network "BIC-IRAP" started

On April 1st, 2015 the co-operation network "BIC-IRAP" is started. It is a network by six SMEs and three universities, with the goal to develop a new approach for covering (semi-)public indoor spaces with Mobile Internet coverage.
It's intention is to develop and investigate a system providing

  • Innovative Inhouse-Coverage for coverage areas up to 50.000 sqm
  • Providing the planning, monitoring, and operational basis for Mobile Internet Service Providers
  • Providing Multi-Operator networks with transparent customer's usage
  • Using and steering Multi-Mode-Small-Cells, with full integration of LTE & WLAN
This challenging working plan will be split into different R&D-projects where each of the participants will join those which are closest to their individual focus (like we with our focus on planning and optimisation). The cooperation network is managed by Atene Kom and funded by German Federal Minitry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) by ZIM-program.

26.01.2015 - brown-iposs at e-World energy & water 2015

brown-iposs is presenting its WLAN-portfolio on e-World energy & water 2015 - fair in Essen at the booth of our solution partner enerson AG at Hall 7, Stand 122. Take the opportunity to meet us from February 10th to 12th 2015 in Essen.

Here we are going to present our offer about Public-WLAN to the market of energy and infrastructure providers:

At the stand of our partner enerson AG in Hall 7, booth 122, we are going to inform you about our portfolio and projects for Public-WLAN. There are manifold applications for WLAN in public areas. However there are also several stakeholders and boundaries on deploying WLAN-networks in cities, parks, or in public transport systems. In co-operation with enerson AG we are able to offer tailored soultions and to tackle large deployments in high quality and short time. we are happy to meet you at e-World 2015 and discuss with you your interests and demands in this thrilling market.

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02.09.2014 - WiMAP-4G 5.1 brings enhanced measurement support

Site surveys and coverage measurements are now again much better supported by WiMAP-4G. The newest release of WiMAP-4G improves with many additional details the presentation and validation of measurement results. In particular a visual comparison of measured and predicted values is now easy. Some of the new features are:

  • KML-export for measurement data (points) improved
  • Colouring settings export / import from / into projects enabled
  • Progress-bar while handling huge sets of measurement points
  • Flexible colouring for points
  • New type "Throughput/Datarate" for point-categories
  • New unit "kbit/s"
  • Copying existing point categories
  • Web-Links as an option for points (categories)
  • Legend-Panel for points to show Carrier-Coverage
  • Activation of points by filter criteria
  • "Export as Image" at tool-panel
  • Automatic colouring of points for "Carrier-Coverage" at import
  • Export line between client and site to KML
  • Export points with its current colours to KML
  • Activation / de-activation of sites / points enhanced
  • Colouring of measurement points according to "Carrier-Coverage"
  • Default point category "Measurement" instead of "Potential Customer"
  • New type "C/I" for point (categories)
  • Export / import of colouring values of point
The next (major) release 6.0 of WiMAP-4G is already in preparation and will bring many improvement for working with distributed and mulitple antennas. However also in future WiMAP-4G will be available free-of-charge in its Community Edition.

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14.03.2014 -brown-iposs @ Cebit 2014

brown-iposs has presented its portfolio and projects about Wi-Fi on Cebit 2014 at the common booth IKT.NRW.

Take a look at our flyers which reflect also the focus of our presentation:

You might also have a look at our short Video on Youtube. We are grateful to the many interesting contacts and discussions which we had at Cebit, which clearly have been much beyond our expectations.

(to top) 27.02.2014 -brown-iposs @ MWC 2014

brown-iposs has shown its portfolio about RF planning and optimisation and service integration on the Mobile World Congress 2014 at the common booth IKT.NRW. Have a look at our brochure to learn more about our broad offer for operators and service providers.

The Mobile World Congress was a great opportunity to meet many interesting persons of the industry, having many, many discussions and to get new ideas about the future of mobile communications. The internet-of-things, IT- and communication security, heterogeneous networks and distributed indoor coverage solutions are topics which will move the world in the very next years. Contact us to see what we can offer you to be ready for this future challenges.

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24.02.2014 - WiMAP-4G 5.0 launched at Mobile World Congress 2014

The latest version 5.0 of our well-known RF planning tool - specialised for last mile and site-to-site-planning - WiMAP-4G is released now at Mobile World Congress 2014. The most important new feature of version 5.0 is the availability of additional sophisticated propagation models provided by AWE Communications. Several additional detail changes are making planning and managing of projects in WiMAP-4G even more easy. WiMAP-4G is still available for free in its Community Edition.(to top)

06.01.2014 - Branch office MVP moved from Rostock to Stralsund

Our branch office in North-Eastern Germany (MVP), so far located in Rostock, is moved now to the Stralsunder Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (SIG). As in the past the focus of our branch office are R&D activities. Together with our partner from University of Applied Science Stralsund we are currently preparing new research projects which will focussing in particular on future network development trends like small cells and heterogeneous networks. (to top)

18.12.2013 -brown-iposs @ MWC 2014, 6B40

brown-iposs is showing its portfolio about RF planning and optimisation and service integration on the Mobile World Congress 2014 at the common booth IKT.NRW in Hall 6, Stand B40. Take the opportunity to meet us from February 24th to 27th 2014 in Barcelona.

Focus of our presentations on MWC 2014 are:

The Mobile World Congress is a great opportunity to meet us and learn about our services for mobile operators as well as for service providers. This the help of our investigations reliable network plans can be designed and evaluated. By our expertise we help to understand and to find weaknesses in your network plans soon and pro-active. We do not stop at the air-interface. We are very experienced with integration of services in core-networks, in particular in IMS-environments.

For production plants and campus we are offering our solution for Industry 4.0 and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication. Many connections in the "Internet of Things" are wireless. Learn how we are helping to ensure reliability and redundancy by tailored solutions based on WLAN or cellular services.

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04.12.2013 -brown-iposs @ Cebit 2014, 6F18

brown-iposs is presenting its portfolio and projects on Cebit 2014 at the common booth IKT.NRW in Hall 6, Stand F18. Take the opportunity to meet us from March 10th to 14th 2014 in Hanover.

Focus of our presentations are:

At our stand on the common booth IKT.NRW we will inform you about our portfolio and projects for mobile and fixed line network operators, service-providers and ISPs. In the past years we run several projects on RF optimisation, RF planning, service deployment, and providing complete turn-key solution for covering closed areas. We are demonstrating the latest version of our RF-planning software WiMAP-4G. The Integrated Radio Masts - already in its version 3 - prove itself as an ideal solution to provide wireless coverage in outdoor areas, e.g. at promenades, recreation areas or spacious premises. The hybrid infrastructure approach developed by brown-iposs is offering a very cost-efficient triple-play solution e.g. for rural areas.

Our bips.infotain solutions are providing a bundle of network & service. This is particulary important in crowded places like stadions and arenas. Connected Crowd is the perfect answer to this challenge. By WiFi-based localization solutions we are able to provide thrilling services also for shopping malls, amusement parks, or even leisure areas.

For production plants and campus we are offering our solution for Industry 4.0 and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication. Many connections in the "Internet of Things" are wireless. Learn how we are helping to ensure reliability and redundancy by tailored solutions based on WLAN or cellular services.

(to top) 21.08.2013 - WiMAP-4G 4.1 released

The latest release 4.1 of WiMAP-4G does offer easier interference analysis for frequency planning, improved analysis options, export features, and project data descriptions:

  • Renewed and renamed visualization topic "Sub Carrier interference"
  • Calculation and export of sum of all received power per channel for points
  • ASCII-Grid export of calculation data and visualization themes
  • Extended Site descriptions supported
  • Import of recent Nirview-projects enabled
  • Windows 64-bit and Java 1.7 supported
  • User Manual reworked & updated
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18.07.2013 - BipsNet 2.0 online

Our WiFi-test-network "BipsNet" has been clearly extended and renewed. This network enables us to improve network and services. In particular we are investigating

  • our Integrated Radio Masts
  • City-WiFi-networks providing "seamless" handover (the whole network with more than two dozen access points is delivering a joint "HotSpot")
  • our Infotain-services
  • Backhauling and network management services
  • methods for network optimization in WiFi
  • the skills of our engineers ;-)
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21.11.2012- Supporters sought! New job offer at StepStone

We are looking for new colleagues at our branch offices in Bonn and Rostock. We need support by experienced engineers with a focus on radio network optimization. The job description (in German) can be found here. (to top)

15.05.2012- Offering jobs for dual studies at StepStone or

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Glauchau (BA Glauchau) weare offering opportunities for dual studies in the area of "Mobile Communication (TI)". The description is available also here. (to top)

02.01.2012 - Branch office MVP moved from Greifswald to Rostock

Our branch office in North-Eastern Germany (MVP), so far located in Greifswald, is moved now to the "Rostocker Innovations- und Gründerzentrum" (RIGZ). At the branch office the focus is on R&D activities. In the past our solutions for hybride network designs are developed here. Together with our partner from University of Rostock and micon e.V. we are currently preparing new research projects which will focussing in particular on future network development trends like small cells and heterogeneous networks. (to top)

18.11.2011 - New address - Moving into own office rooms

Almost six years after being founded brown-iposs is able to move into its own and all-new office rooms. At Friedrich-Breuer-Str in Bonn-Beuel we have built a new office at a very attractive and central location. This is an important step in our history which enriches the company itself and gives us enough space to grow in the next years. (to top)

01.09.2011 - brown-iposs at Futurecom 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Supporting our Brazilian partner RiklSat brown-iposs will exhibit at FutureCom 2011. RiklSat - who are providing internet-access for previously uncovered regions based on brown-iposs' Integrated Radio Mast solution - is proud to be selected as one of the most innovative Brazilian companies. brown-iposs will be on-site with RiklSat and support to inform their customers about the joint innovative wireless broadband solutions for the Brazilian market.
For further information please have a look at RiklSat's homepage. (to top)

06.03.2011 - brown-iposs goes Brazil - build-up of a first test network

For the first time brown-iposs enters South America with its Integrated Radio Masts. Soon the first masts will be installed on site. They are already arrived in Brazil and waiting for the import formality. After a successful kickoff we will cover more and more places and sites in Brazil with our new partner RiklSat.

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01.03.2011 - WiMAP-4G v4.0 released

In time to CeBIT 2011 we are proud to present our newest release of WiMAP-4G.

Updates, changes and added features:

  • Menu restructured
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Comprehensive Wiki
  • Reload elevation models from web is possible
  • Complete geodata removal in one step
  • Import of carriers possible
  • Import of antenna-types possible
  • And much more...

Further information and downloads can be found here. (to top)

15.09.2010 - Hybride Networks for the "Digital Dividende"

Beginning of May we have refered about the kickoff of the pilote scheme "Digitale Dividende" in Lower Saxony. In this project four municipaties will be supported with comprehensive access to the internet by using the so called "duplex gap" between 820 and 832 MHz and a combination of DVB-T and the LiMAX-System of IQ Wireless GmbH. Meanwhile the buildup of the technology is nearly completed. In Allwörden and Bispingen the towers have been completed with the entire technology and with all required antennas. In Wietzendorf and Rehlingen 25 Integrated Radio Masts have been disposed (as 10- and 12-meter-lamps) and are now ready for use. Another 25 Integrated Radio Masts will be disposed as 10-meter-lamps in the communities Oberndorf and Oederquart until the end of this week. Last measurements and function tests will be done end of September.

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01.09.2010 - Integrated Radio Masts improved

The Integrated Radio Mast developd by brown-iposs is the ideal solution for the construction of Outdoor-WLANs and infrastructure solutions which are radio-based, for example to connect machine-to-machine network nodes (M2M). The second generation of the Integrated Radio Mast which is presented now comes with major improvements:

  • An additional opening for maintenace has been build into the antenna array. So the configuration of the antenna can be changed at a later date. In addition the readjustment of the antennas is much more simple. So the build-up of the Integrated Radio Masts just as well the adjustment on modified demands is yet more simple.
  • Now there can be embed up to three antennas into the radio mast. An upgraded traction relief secures the antennas also for longtime operations.
  • Especially for the Integrated Radio Mast some antennas has been developd for the 2.4 and 5.4 to 5.8 GHz range which assure best supply and high performance.
  • For fast and safe installation of the system components a C-track-assembly-robotics has been integrated. With this the area of installation and maintenance has been enlarged extensively. Now up to four system components and one IP-multiple socket can be arranged there.
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27.08.2010 - WiMAP-4G Version 3.2 released

Development of WiMAP is constantly ongoing. With the latest version, which is available now, import/export of points now available for everyone. Improved geo data handling and import/export functionality. Further improvements are:

  • Windows 64-bit support
  • KML export improved, supporting sites and points. Polygon presentation fits to surface
  • Supporting additional antenna pattern format (Radio Waves Inc format)
  • Significant performance improvements for deleting or importing many points

Further information and downloads can be found at WiMAP-4G web-site

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05.05.2010 - "Digitale Dividende" aside of LTE

"Digitale Dividende" is a hot topic in all mediums. Aside of LTE a particulary exciting pilot scheme has been started recently in Lower Saxony. Network 41 GmbH, ehcon Berlin, and brown-iposs establish a public power supply to support four municipalities in Lower Saxony with comprehensive access to the internet. For the first time the so called "duplex gap" between 820 and 832 MHz will be used. In this process only already existing technologies (i.a. DVB-T) will be tie together. Our Intergrated Radio Masts fit like a glove in this concept. The required technology can be established there inconspicuous and protected. For the municipalities this is a quantum jump toward innovation and increase of quality of living and working conditions. This project will be assisted financially by the Ministry for nutrition, agriculture, consumer protection and land development, Lower Saxony (ML). In the actual special publication CASE STUDY of the "funkschau" a detailed articel will be released on May 7th 2010.

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27.04.2010 - Special offer for WIMAP-4G extended to May 17th - new version 3.1 available

WiMAP-4G v3 is under constant development. We proudly present our release Version 3.1 with additional features to optimise planning work-flows.

Updates, changes and added features:

  • Automated antenna adjustment with aligned direction settings and aligned tilt settings
  • Offers import functionalities for existing project data from non WiMAP-4G sources
  • Support of NSMA formatted antenna pattern (ADF - Antenna Data File format e.g. Andrew CommScope)
  • New technologies available: TETRA and Generic OFDM, e.g. for DVB-T planning
  • Better usability of terrain profiler
  • Faster performance due to improved calculation algorithms
  • Professional Edition offers to support larger projects (areas up to 200km x 200km)
  • Performance of Open Street Map integration improved

Further information and downloads can be found at WiMAP-4G web-site.

(to top)

28.02.2010 - New version 3.0 of WiMAP-4G available as Community-Edition free of charge

With the new version 3.0 of our radio planning tool WiMAP-4G we introduce the new "free-of-charge community edition" of WiMAP-4G. For professional usage the regular "professional edition" is offering a full set of additional features and data, which is improving the planning work-flow even more.

WiMAP-4G is designed to support a broad variety of applications and scenarios: From a coarse overview to a detailed analysis of the field strength - from the search for suitable measurement points to the planning of telecommunication networks.
The latest version 3.0 offers

  • Updated automatic Geo data import
  • Open Street View integration for maps and satellite images
  • Examples and creation of custom projects
  • Comfortable project handling

WiMAP-4G Professional Edition additionally offers
  • Good visualisation with highest resolution
  • Additional import/export features (e.g. KML file export)
  • High-definition visualisation
  • Wide range of available antenna patterns

Further information and downloads can be found at WiMAP-4G web-site.

(to top)

05.02.2010 - brown-iposs exhibits at CeBIT 2010

For the very fist time we are present at CeBIT at two stands.

At the Webciety in hall 6, stand G40 we are introducing to you, how we may help to find solutions e.g. for "last-mile" or city-networks. You will get information about our portfolio and projects for mobile and fixed line network operators, service-providers and ISPs. We are demonstrating the latest version of our RF-planning software WiMAP-4G. Our training courses - from WLAN up to LTE - will be explained to you. A special focus will be this time on City-WLAN-networks.

In hall 9, stand C09 our branch office in Greifwald is presenting news from our R&D. The Integrated Radio Masts prove itself as an ideal solution to provide wireless coverage in outdoor areas, e.g. at promenades, recreation areas or spacious premises. The hybrid infrastructure approach which we have developed within the framework of the joint project MAIKE is offering a very cost-efficient triple-play solution e.g. for rural areas. Here, at the "Landesgemeinschaftsstand Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" we are opening the window to our future products for you.

(to top)

09.10.2009 - Again three successful diploma theses

brown-iposs supervises again three diploma thesis of this academic year. The students finalized their work done in co-operation with university of cooperative education Glauchau and Telefónica O2 quite succesfully. The topics have been a study of assignable data rates, a reference analysis of LTE and HSPA+ and the enhancement of radio maintenance.

We congratulate the diploma holders to their success!

(to top)

01.06.2009 - BipsNet starts up

BipsNet serves the market for mobile Internet on regional areas like marinas, camping lots or waterfront promenades. For these so-called "point of interests" WLAN will be used for access. This new product from brown-iposs is a modular and overall system for Hotspot supply. With BipsNet you can go online immediately.(to top)

03.03.2009 - New in our training program: "LTE technology, planning and configuration"

The training course "LTE technology, planning and configuration" developed by brown-iposs contains nine modules with a well-founded introduction into LTE technology and its planning and configuration. This course appeals particularly to network designer, product developers, engineers and technicians with basic knowledge about telecommunication, networks and radio technology.(to top)

12.12.2008 - New release WiMAP-4G 2.5 available

We have improved and enhanced our radio network planning tool WiMAP-4G widely. Several useful features helps in particular to plan "last-mile"-access networks based on WiMAX, pre-WiMAX or WLAN. Again the new release "4G v2.5" is available for a free download at www.wimap-4g.com. Some of the most important new features are:

  • Creation and modification of building data in MIF/MID-format
  • Detailed and manifold consideration of building data at calculation and visualization
  • Terrain-profile is now directly for every client-site connection accessible
  • Terrain-profiler snaps as well to clients as to sites
  • Visualization area adapts automatically to selected client-site link
  • 3D-view is limited to (2D-)visualization area
  • While dragging the visualization area switch to the current area under the cursor
  • Option for creating a 3-fold sectorized site automatically at creation of an online-project
  • Best server and C/I can be visualized (optionally) also outside the coverage area
(to top)
19.11.2008 - Workshop about wireless solutions for the last mile with Alvarion, Hopling, and Proxim

At our workshop on November 19th the participants very actively took the chance to inform themselves about the requirements of a local wireless broadband network. Also the options delivered by the three suppliers Alvarion, Hopling, and Proxim are of big interest. Subject of discussions have been the considered hardware as well as suitable software solutions to manage and control one's network efficiently.
All three suppliers have been on site with lots of hardware and information. The workshop offered an excellent environment for intensive and deep discussions between suppliers and network operators, which was emphasized as a very positive situation by both sites. (to top)

18.11.2008- 4th BWA Conference convinces again with many discussions

For the fourth time and the third time in Bonn the BWA-conference took place on November 17th and 18th. Again the interest of the visitors was focussed on the development of the wireless-broadband market. Other topics like broadband services in the (near) future did not found that much attention. Intensively it was discussed if internet-by-satellite services are a suitable alternative to cover all the left "white spots" in the broadband carpet. Although the main trend in discussions nowadays predicts and aspires a broadband coverage by fiber in most of the places, it was agreed that wireless solutions will have its position to provide broadband for many years.
The conference underlines its importance ones more by its top-class audience which included participants from four of five German WiMAX-licencees, e.g.. (to top)

06.10.2008- 3 more successful Diplom/Bachelor thesis in co-operation with brown-iposs

In co-operation with brown-iposs again three diploma holders have finished their thesis successfully. "Internet access in rural ares" has been considered in collaboration with the city council and the university of cooperative education of Glauchau. "Examination of an UMTS 900 MHz Network inside an existing GSM 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and UMTS 2100 MHz Network" was prepared in collaboration with O2 and the university of cooperative education of Glauchau. Together with DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH and the University of Münster a thesis regarding "Determination of parameters for coverage prediction of WiMAX by measurements and methods of remote sensing" has been supervised. We congratulate the diploma holders to their success! (to top)

30.09.2008- Workshop "Wireless solutions for the last mile" with Alvarion, Hopling and Proxim on November 19th

Following to the 4th BWA-Conference brown-iposs offers for participants of the conference a workshop "Wireless solutions for the last mile". This workshop takes place on November 19th in our office rooms. In the workshop all aspects to implement successfully a regional wireless broadband network will be discussed. Within a small vendor exhibition the following solutions will be presented:

The attendees can discuss about the different products with the representatives of the companies. The participation is free of charge but the number of participants is limited. (to top)

18.08.2008- 4th BWA-Conference "Future proofed trends and market strategies" on November 17th/18th, 2008 in Bonn

In which direction expands the market for (radio-)braodband? Mobile broadband via UMTS and HSPA is reality already and will be growth driver for mobile operators in 2009. So the situation for WiMAX operator declines even more. Simultaneously pre-WiMAX-solutions in license-exempt bands are used increasingly and very successfully for rural and sub-urban areas. Which opportunities does the market still afford? How does the future for mobile, WiMAX, and alternative operators may look? These are the main themes on the 4th BWA-Conference.

The conference takes place from 17th to 18th of November, 2008 in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn. More information about the program of the conference and possibilities for registration can be found on the web pages of the organizer, Vereon AG, www.vereon.ch/bwa. (to top)

15.07.2008- New products by brown-iposs: Link-Tester "bips-LiMeS" und Management-Tool "SNMP-Fred"

We have enlarged our product line: After "bipsmap" and "WiMAP" we have developed "bips-LiMeS" and "SNMP-Fred".

"bips-LiMeS" is a new drive-testing tool for WiMAX- and pre-WiMAX-networks. It has been designed particulary to measure coverage and link quality with minimal effort. This system doesn't work limited by frequency or technology but based on of-the-shelf receivers. The collected performance data will be geographical referenced and can be visualized directly.

With "SNMP-Fred" SNMP-queries can be executed periodically automatically on a very easy way. The collected informations will be provided in usual text formats. Also modifying settings of network element is supported. For example you can change password or frequency of hundreds of basestations very rapidly.

Along with our already existing products "WiMAP-4G", "bipsmap" and "plant control via radio" and extensive services from market studies through planning of radio networks and system integration complete turn-key-solutions are offered by brown-iposs. Particularly for regional carriers brown-iposs offers the necessary know-how and portfolio to implement efficiently and successfully complex projects. (to top)

15.02.2008- 2 years brown-iposs GmbH

Since February 2006 brown-iposs is available for its customers. Time for a first résumé.
Much has been going on in the mobile and wireless broadband market since this time. HSPA has gained success and became reality, LTE is just around the corner. For broadband wireless technologies the trend is less clear. The first enthusiasm about WiMAX is gone and since mobile WiMAX is still pending some momentum left the market. In the meantime WiMAX fixed became reality. But in particular proprietary pre-WiMAX solutions became much more succesful and was ready to fill the gaps.

It is becoming more and more obvious what is really a truism. Not the (special) technology determines the market success but the offered services. And rather an efficient implementation is of big importance than "brand new" services, which are still very rare. In the last two years brown-iposs runs successfully projects in all topics mentioned above; for mobile WiMAX, HSPA, pre-WiMAX, meshed networks, and integration of services on IMS platforms, just to name the big ones. A powerful team with currently five permantents helps to plan and build succesfully radio networks, to integrate services and to provide on-site expertise.

In the last two years, more than 30 customers have been served by brown-iposs. We are especially grateful for this huge confidence and would like to thank all whom have co-operated with us. Brown-iposs in particular assures that it will continue to be a trusted and confident partner for all its customers and friends.

Currently brown-iposs prepares projects about LTE, Mobile TV, mobile WiMAX, City-WiFi, and Location Based Services. (to top)

03.01.2008- New branch office in Greifswald

For the brown-iposs GmbH it is always important to be close to the market. To strengthen the succesful local cooperation in the northeast of Germany we have founded a new branch office in the tecnology park Greifswald. Also there we will concentrate on services and service platforms. A joint research project with local partners will deal with the integration of mobile TV and WiMAX.
More on this subject you will be known in our next newsletter.

The new branch office is another important milestone for the brown-iposs in its continous growth. (to top)

19.11.2007- Training schedule for first half of 2008 is online

In the new year we are offering our popular courses about "WiMAX - Planning and Deployment", "Alternatives to DSL - Broadband via Radio", and Proxim-Hardware "Proxim Certified Broadband Associate" again at regular dates. Please feel free to contact directly Mrs. Birgit Frontzek, Phone: +49 228 299 799 80, E-Mail: birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu. (to top)
06.11.2007- 3rd Conference "BWA - Strategies for regional Carriers"

The 3rd conference "BWA - Strategies for regional Carriers" has convinced by its agile contributions, lively discussions, and excellent networking. The progress in the German spoken market became clear. New options are considered after the auction of the 3.5GHz spectrum last year. Local carriers focussing strongly on pre-WiMAX-solutions in license-exempted bands in the 5GHz-area. But also the WiMAX-carriers become more active now. An exciting 2008 is expected all around. For the next year the 4th BWA-conference, again in Bonn, is scheduled already on November, 17th and 18th 2008. Focus will be to a larger extend on applications for BWA-networks. (to top)
03.09.2007- WiMAP-4G released, coming with a new web-site

The new release "4G" of our RF planning tool WiMAP is now available as a demo-version. Like already the previous releases it can be downloaded for free from our web-site or at the brand new web-site www.wimap-4g.com. 4G contains a full set of new features:
  • Integration of radio communication clients
  • Visualization of contour lines
  • KML export for coverage display in Google Earth and Google Maps
  • Consideration of shadowing effects in the enhanced Erceg model
  • C/I value integration within the coverage model (to top)

01.09.2007- New schedule for trainings and additional courses

In co-operation with Proxim Wireless we are offering new courses regarding Proxim hardware. Also for our courses on "WiMAX planning and deployment" and "Alternatives to DSL - broadband via radio" new dates are offered. Take a look at our training schedule at or Web-pages or ask Mrs. Birgit Frontzek, fon: +49 228 299 799 80, birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu (to top)
31.08.2007- New products by brown-iposs: "bipsmap" and "Plant control via Radio"

With "bipsmap" and "Plant control via Radio" two new products are offered by brown-iposs. "bipsmap" is an interactive Web-application to capture and provide information about the availability of broadband technologies house-by-house. It can flexible adapted to almost any Web-design and is therefore perfectly suited for municipals and local broadband initiatives. Im co-operation with the engineering consultants H.Lertes "Plant control via Radio" was developed, which enables a mobile network indepedent and central managed system to control e.g. wind farms. (to top)
15.08.2007- Conference "BWA-Strategies for regional Carriers" on Nov, 5./6., 2007

The successful congress in the beginning of 2007 about "Strategies for regional Carrier - Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)" will be repeated in Bonn at November 2007 5th and 6th at the Hoter Maritim. Some program highlights:
  • Tutorial "Technology and Infrastructure for broadband solutions"
  • New federal and state financial support programs for a wider broadband coverage in rural areas
  • Successful business models in the broadband market
  • Financing options in the broadband market
  • City-WiFi: Large area WiFi mesh networks for voice and data communication
Registration and further information is available at http://www.vereon.ch/bwa.htm. (to top)
01.06.2007- Next course on WiMAX planning on July 4th to 6th

The WiMAX course in June is closed already. To cover further requests we are offering our specially developed course "Planning and deployment of WiMAX networks" for the next time on July, 4th to 6th. Within three days and eight modules a comprehensive introduction to WiMAX technology and its planning is presented. The course is particularly designed for RF planning engineers, product developer, operations engineers and technical experts with knowledge of principles of telecommunications and radio technology. More information is available from Mrs Birgit Frontzek, brown-iposs GmbH, fon: +49 (0) 228 299 799 80 or birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu. (to top)

22.05.2007- Invited talk at IST-WEIRD workshop

Our managing director, Bernd Schröder, was invited at the 1st IST-WEIRD-workshop in Coimbra, Portugal to give a talk about "Ways to provide Triple Play with WiMAX in rural areas". The goal of the WEIRD Workshop was to present and discuss state-of-the-art research and development activities in the area of the transmission technology for WiMAX, its convergence with other network architectures, support for mobility, and infrastructure management. This included the latest results from ongoing R&D projects and lessons learned from pilot WiMAX case studies. (to top)
21.05.2007- Demo version of new WiMAP release 1.5 available

The new release 1.5 of our RF planning tool WiMAP is now available as a demo version for download. New features are an enhanced support of free Geo-data, full support of WGS84 co-ordinates and of measurement data. (to top)
02.05.2007- New course "Broadband via radio - Alternatives to DSL"

On May 23rd, June 19th, and July 11th 2007 we are offering our new one-day-course "Broadband via radio - Alternatives to DSL". The course provides a vendor-independent overview about alternatives to fixed line broadband by RF technologies, like WiMAX, WLAN or proprietary solutions like e.g. Motorola's Canope. More information is available from Mrs. Birgit Frontzek, brown-iposs GmbH, fon: +49 (0) 228 299 799 80 or birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu. (to top)
19.04.2007- Next course on WiMAX planning on June 13th to 15th

From June, 13th to 15th we are offering our specially developed course "Planning and deployment of WiMAX networks" for the next time. Within three days and eight modules a comprehensive introduction to WiMAX technology and its planning is presented. The course is particularly designed for RF planning engineers, product developer, operations engineers and technical experts with knowledge of principles of telecommunications and radio technology. More information is available from Mrs Birgit Frontzek, brown-iposs GmbH, fon: +49 (0) 228 299 799 80 or birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu. (to top)
20.03.2007- Demo version of new WiMAP release 1.2 available

The new release 1.2 of our RF planning tool WiMAP is now available as a demo version for download. (to top)
02.03.2007- brown-iposs nominated for StartUp-contest

brown-iposs' business plan has been selected as one of the six best concepts submitted to the StartUp business plan contest in Rheinland. At the end of March brown-iposs will present its concept at an expert jury in Düsseldorf. The overall regional winner will be elected among these six participants in June. Participation on the StartUp-contest was an outcome of being one of the winners of NUK business plan contest in 2006. (to top)
15.02.2007- Open course on WiMAX planning on April 18th to 20th

From April, 18th to 20th we are offering our specially developed course "Planning and deployment of WiMAX networks". Within three days and eight modules a comprehensive introduction to WiMAX technology and its planning is presented. The course is particularly designed for RF planning engineers, product developer, operations engineers and technical experts with knowledge of principles of telecommunications and radio technology. More information is available from Mrs Birgit Frontzek, brown-iposs GmbH, fon: +49 (0) 228 299 799 80 or birgit.frontzek{at}brown-iposs.eu. (to top)
01.02.2007- Technological Tutorial at IQPC's "4th Annual Flagship WiMAX"

On March, 26th to 28th the IQPC's conference "4th Annual Flagship Event WiMAX" take place at Hotel Concorde in Berlin, Germany. brown-iposs supports it with a technology tutorial regarding "WiMAX in suburban and rural areas". The conference will be trend-setting for the future of WiMAX in Europe. (to top)
26.01.2007- 110 attendees at BWA-conference in Bonn!

About 100 attendees from about 40 companies, including 35 carriers took part on the conference "BWA - Strategies for regional carriers" (see below for details). Conclusion of the event: A very vibrant conference which helps the market members to get much closer together. The enormous interest in the event and its vitality with lots of face-to-face discussions proved that the BWA-market in Germany now is really going to start. (to top)
1.12.2006- Conference "BWA - Strategies for regional carriers"

On January, 25th and 26th the conference "BWA - Strategies for regional carriers" is taking place at the Hilton in Bonn. The event is particularly dedicated to regional carriers in Germany who are interested or already active in offering a "Broadband Wireless Access" to its customers. The first time after the licence awarding for the 3.5GHz-BWA-frequencies the conference gives the opportunity to meet and to discuss about possible co-operations. Technical foci are WiMAX and Mobile-TV. The conference is organized by Vereon AG and ECO and leaded by our managing director Dr. Bernd Schröder. (to top)
4.9.2006- New Web-site is online

It took some time, but now our new Web-site is online. Hope you enjoy it! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us! We are hungry for feedback ;-). (to top)

23.6.2006- brown-iposs became third at NUK - business plan contest!

At the business plan contest of NUK-Neues Unternehmertum Rheinland e.V., brown-iposs became third and was able to left 65 other teams behind. Only the teams from "The Smoothie Project" and "Addit's" have made it better. Many congratulations to them!

Already in the two previous phases of the contest we have been one of the three (phase 2) resp. five (phase 1) best teams. Now we managed it again to be one of the ten nominated teams and could finalize the contest with a place on winners' rostrum.

Within the business plan contest we had to present our company's concept with respect to the business idea, customers' benefit, the market, marketing and a detailed planning for the next five years.

The winners of phase 3 have been awarded on June, 22nd on a joint event of the NUK-business plan contest and StartUp in Cologne. Being one of the winners of this year we will participate at the StartUp-contest in 2007.

Further information about the NUK contest is available here. (to top)
5.5.2006 - WiMAP - New Release

WiMAP-Release 1.1 is now available. (to top)