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Networks of the Future - 2016

10 years of brown-iposs

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary  brown-iposs has run on February 11th and 12th, 2016 at BaseCamp the congress "Networks of the Future". Areas of specialization were the integrated indoor coverage for mobile Internet and machine-to-machine communication, M2M in short or IoT (Internet of Things). In addition to subject content was also celebrated diligently, with food and drink, and with the "Fat Fishes" (Dicken Fische).

Video by Spectrafilm. Also in HD at Vimeo.

First Day - February 11, 2016

On the first day of the congress was - after greetings by the First Mayor of Bonn, Mr Reinhard Limbach, and the keynote of Dr. Stefan Bungart, T-Systems International, the topic "Integrated indoor coverage" - with WLAN, LTE, with Small Cells has been in focus. In six further presentations of this topic has been discussed in depth and illuminated.
  • Dr. Bernd Schröder, brown-iposs, "Mobile Internet -. A challenge for (semi-) public buildings Why all networks and frequencies must be used"
  • Dr. Klaus Heck, Hotzone , "The Mobile Internet Service Provider as a new link between building and network operators"
  • Prof.Dr. Thomas Bauschert, TU Chemnitz, "Interworking of WLAN and LTE - more than just Hotspot 2.0"
  • Dr. Hagen Woesner, BISDN, "How to bring SDN and NFV value in distributed wireless networks?"
  • Dr. Michael Reyer, RWTH Aachen , "Planning and (self-)organisation of integrated indoor networks"
  • Georgios Karachos, Qualigon, "Overarching quality monitoring is the key to satisfied customers and business partners"

Second Day - February 12, 2016

Focus of the second day of the congress were the topics "Industrial Internet" and the "Internet of Things". The requirements of "IoT", especially in industrial environments, on network connectivity, but also on data processing and security are clearly distinguished from those of the mobile Internet. Specifically reliability, complexity and efficiency are of particular importance. This was presented in four articles.
  • Dr. Lutz Rauchhaupt, Institute for Automation and Communication, "Reliable wireless communication for the industry - what does that mean and how can it be assessed in concrete terms?"
  • Dr. Bernd Schröder, brown-iposs, "Low Power, long range - radio systems (not only) for smart metering"
  • Markus Wingen, Sierra Wireless, "Business transformation through IoT/M2M"
  • Dr. Martin Peters, com2m GmbH, "Digital transformation in the SME sector"

Photos by Marc Bieschinski and Ursula Müller. More

Integrated indoor coverage - BIC-IRAP

Indoor coverage with WiFi & LTE, for all operators on one platform

The BIC-IRAP cooperation network has set itself the goal of developing a sustainable infrastructure for the mobile Internet in public buildings. For this purpose we bring LTE and WiFi, free and licensed radio bands, self-organizing process control, integrated planning and management together - and for all operators simultaneously. http://www.bic-irap.de