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WiFi test network Lohmar

Our lab is outdoor :-). Already in 2009 we deployed our outdoor WiFi-test network at the camping site of Egon & Christof Schmitz in Lohmar close to Bonn. In 2013 we enhanced it widely and relaunched it as "bips.net 2.0". By our WiFi-network bips.net we are offering plain internet access for all visitors at reasonable prices.

Beside offering internet commercially to visitors we are able to test and develop new products, to present our solutions to our customers in a real deployment and to train our and customer engineers on a live network. To fulfil legal requirements data protection and security is an important focus of our investigations and is audited by BNetzA.

How it works

Our bips.net test-network is a pure WiFi-network - up to the the backhaul at least. In fact it consists of two independent WiFi-network layers - the access network layer and the infrastructure network layer. While the access network layer provides the internet access for our customers the infrastructure layer interconnects all access-points and link them with the backhaul.

Currently the bips.net test network consists of 16 access points for customer access and 8 point-to-point links for interconnection. For customer access mostly directional antennas and side sectorization is used. By this approach the best compromise between limited spectrum (radio frequencies) and strong carrier-to-interferer-relations is found. The design has been optimized for localization services based on WiFi, too.

The offer

With bips.net we are providing a metrozone rather than a hotspot serice. The whole area is using a single SSID (network identifier for WiFi-clients) and is offering full mobility although using different radio frequencies within the access network. Established internet connections are kept while moving from one cell to another. By this behaviour the customers impression is as being connected just to one - huge - hotspot.

Full internet access is granted only to customers with valid vouchers on a best-effort base. Vouchers can be bought online or offline at the service desk on the camping site. For online purchase we are handling payments by Paypal. Therefore there is no need and requirement for users to be registered with real-name, device-address, or similar in our databases.


Our test network is offering solely pre-paid tariffs. Like typical for hotspot solutions customers might order vouchers - either at the front desk on the camping site or online. These vouchers are always time-based. There is no volume restriction in our offer. Currently we are offering:

Hotspot tariffs
Hotpot Ticket-H 1 hour 1,90 Euro
Hotpot Ticket-D 1 day 3,90 Euro
Hotpot Ticket-W 1 week 12,90 Euro
Hotpot Ticket-M 1 month 22,90 Euro
Hotpot Ticket-3M 3 months 62,70 Euro