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Classification and Root-Cause Analyzing Tool

Classification and Root-Cause Analyzing Tools (CARAT) is a software tool  dedicated to root cause analysis of radio traces and supplementing sources. It provide insights for network configuration optimization, areas where network performance can be improved, and troubleshoot issues related to network coverage, capacity, and quality of service.

Analysis of the RAN for 2G to 5G

CARAT is focusing on mobile communication networks starting from 2G up until 5G. The analysis is performed for speech and data transactions, so that a thorough result of recorded issues is reported. The analysis includes incomplete transactions (failed or dropped) as well as successful ones. It covers correctness, completeness, and quality for the events.

Based on our expertise in wireless communication networks we identified patterns in traces that identify problems or failures of measurement equipment or measured network. This offers an in-depth analysis of the recorded behavior in the traces and allows the user to work on efficiently on solving identified issues.

CARAT Root-Cause Analysis


With CARAT’s analysis, many different patterns are detected and assigned to the following classes.


Failure analysis by CARAT

Data sources for the analysis

  • Drive/Walk test data from Swissqual, Infovista, Focus Infocom …
  • Crowd data (UE-based measurements)
  • Protocol traces (PCAP) from the core and RAN
  • Application test data (voice, interactivity, performance, capacity, …)