WiMAP-S is the server version of our radio planning software WiMAP. It continues the development of WiMAP-4G, a GUI-based standalone radio planning tool, which development we do not continue any more.

WiMAP-S is the server version of our radio planning software WiMAP. The server version does calculations in the so-called batch mode and does not have an own graphical frontend. This is a continuation of the GUI-based WiMAP-4G version that we have developed over many years. We no longer offer the WiMAP-4G version with GUI, but the latest version 7.1.8 will remain available in the community version for the time being.

By the integrated Free-Space-Propagation and COST-231 Walfisch-Ikegami model and an interface to the high-performance raylauncher CORLA (by TNC), WiMAP-4G supports a broad variety of applications: From a common overview to a detailed analysis of the field strength – from the search for suitable measurement points to the planning of telecommunication networks.


WiMAP-S is a Java-based calculation software for determining the radio coverage in (mobile) radio networks. WiMAP-S calculates complex predictions for various radio technologies and provides them as export data or graphics.
Such forecasts require special information, such as knowledge of the radio technology used, knowledge of the hardware (e.g. transmitter and receiver units) and their configuration options, and – last but not least – knowledge of the areas to be covered. Some features of WiMAP are described in the following section.


The standalone version WiMAP-4G (with GUI) is still available for download here as a 64bit Windows version, which runs with all common Windows versions and does not require any special hardware requirements. WiMAP-4G was written in Java and can therefore in principle also be used on non-Windows operating systems. WiMAP-4G in its current version can be used with a free “community license”, there are no commercial limitations on its use. If commercial results are created with WiMAP-4G and are passed on to third parties, a reference to WiMAP-4G – including the reference URL and brown-iposs as the manufacturer – must be included. Please note that we do not offer any free support for WiMAP-4G.

WiMAP-4G Windows-64-bit Installation package (ZIP)Download