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IC4F - Industrial Communication for Factories


brown-iposs is currently developing - within the frame of research project IC4F, which is funded by German Federal Ministery of Economic Affairs and Energy - a system for monitoring and analysis of radio systems in factories. The system to be developed is providing transparency on radio system's health. In case of troubles root causes are analysed and even for complex errors solution strategies are offered. It is supporting the lead of production or the machine worker who might not have a deep knowledge of radio and IT-systems. Therefore its realisation as an "easy to use tool" is important - perhaps as an APP on a tablet or notebook computer.


Easy to use - and safe monitoring, analysis and trouble shooting of industrial radio networks as part of the IC4F program - that's our target. After analysis of the demands of such existing radio networks, brown-iposs is starting the implementation of the system. The testing of the first prototype will be done by brown-iposs as well - together with one ore more selected partners.

The system is based on a powerful backend system which holds and analyse the data from the RF field in the factory. Based on this data analysis is done and solutions for identified issues are suggested. Results are then provided to the user by an APP on a tablet or notebook computer.

Partners of IC4F

The IC4F- consortium consists of the following partners:

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Industrial Communication for Factories (IC4F) - Construction Kit for a trustworthy communication- and computing infrastructure in the processing industry is a research projects in the context of Industry 4.0, funded by German Federal Ministery of Economic Affairs and Energy.

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