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IRAP - Integrated Radio-Access-Points

The project IRAP is focusing on the development of a multi operator system for high capacity speech and data networks in indoor areas (shopping mall, office buildings) which is based on "Small Cells".   The units called "Multi-Operator Multi-Technology Multi-Band Small Cell Access Points", short "Integrated Radio-Access-Points (IRAP)", will be developed on a prototype level. Furthermore, the integration of the radio access points in a system including radio and core is included. The highly energy efficient indoor versions of the radio access points will be fed PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), means data and electrical power comes over CAT5- or CAT6- cabling. This makes installation in buildings much easier.

Those radio networks which will use IRAP, allow very high data rates and transport capacities for several network operators by using small cells, without the need of special user equipment.

The main use cases for radio Networks using IRAP are:

  • Shopping malls
  • Congress center, congress hotels
  • Big office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Universities, schools
  • Governmental buildings, museums, cultural institutions

brown-iposs` tasks:

Development of the best architecture of the IRAP networks for both, radio and core - together with the partners. Among other priorities, value is placed on easy and fast scalability.

For the increasement of the quality, brown-iposs uses its big experience in the domain of cause analysis and pattern recognition. This will allow to analyze errors and find solutions in an efficient way. In this area - quality measuring procedures, brown-iposs works together with QUALIGON GmbH and the University TU Chemnitz.

Furthermore, a core competence of brown-iposs will be applied - the radio network planning. The challenge is the forecast of the radio propagation  - over different technologies and frequencies. And, simultaneously do the planing of the adequate interference control. brown-iposs develops - together withe the university RWTH Aachen - a dynamic radio propagation and interference control mechanism - for the real operation of the future IRAP radio network.

Further Partners of IRAP:

 Hochschule OsnabrckHotzone 

RWTH Aachen Travelping

TU Chemnitz Qualigon



The cooperation network BIC-IRAP and its Research and Development projects iRaptor, IRAP-QMV and IRAP-System components are funded by the program "Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand" of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

ZIM  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy