Mobile Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G)

Expert’s know-how

Based on our field-proven experiences, we are able to offer you consulting, product development and realization of extensive projects at highest quality.

Our experience of many years in the field of planning, integration and optimization is the foundation of our work with the latest technologies.

Our competence enable us to realize the customer requirements in a very flexible and customer oriented manner.

In cooperation with our customers we develop new ideas and innovative solutions on-site or within our trainings.


We have run several projects in the area of planning and optimization. Based on fix-price agreements, time & material bases, service contracts – we are open to meet your requirements as well in technical as in commercial terms. Here are some areas we have worked in so far:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept studies
  • Technology consulting
  • System integration
  • Project management
  • Strategy consulting
  • Laboratory and land measuring


We offer special adapted trainings for many applications:

  • Technology trainings
  • Network planning and installation
  • Radio coverage and capacity planning
  • Radio network optimization
  • Handling of planning programs
  • Radio network and fixed network planning
  • Mobile radio systems

Please write us your demand and we will send you our offer!


  • Drive test analysis
    • Automatic tool classification
  • Radio network optimization for 2G/3G/4G in stadiums
  • Planning guidelines for 3G and LTE network implementation
  • Calibrated radio propagation models based on drive-text measurements
    • Automatic calibration of radio propagation models based on measurement in frequency range of 2-6 GHz
    • Measurements for calibration of empirical radio propagation models for 5G planning
  • Evaluation of tool based neighborhood planning
    • Comparison of OSS (OSS: Operational Support Systems) and planning data
    • Parameterization
  • Coverage models for HSPA(+)
    • Coverage and capacity calculation
  • Speech optimization for 2G and 3G
    • Laboratory test for identification of AMR codec parameter
  • Studies for identification of influence from prediction errors on 3G network optimization
    • Comparative studies: optimization based on measurement and prediction data
  • NB-IoT “Narrow Band Internet of Things”
    • Enable mobile radio network operator to offer radio service
    • Support the integration by NB-IoT in available mobile network
    • Support the implementation of required Nodes in Core
    • Validation and optimization of NB-IoT services after the implementation