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Outdoor WiFi for Camping & Leisure

WLAN access

Outdoor WLAN enables customers to get an easy Internet access at low costs for their  notebooks, tablets, and smart phones with its various applications.

A seamless integration of well-known services like you find in hotels, restaurants and airports nowadays can be implemented with our solution almost effortless also in open areas, e.g. in urban space and public places.

The solution

Noticeable implemented radio technology often leads to disapproval, especially in recreation areas and public places.

For this reason brown-iposs developed a fully Integrated Radio Mast. All system components are mounted inside of the Integrated Radio Mast and invisible from outside.

In open spaces like camping lots or recreation areas the required amount on masts depends mainly from the user density and trees & vegetation. Typically one lamp post every hundred meter gives a good WiFi-coverage. 

For higher capacity demands the masts may carry sectorised access points. This option enables low interferences and high datarates also in crowded places.


An outdoor WiFi network based on our Integrated Radio Masts provides all advantages of the masts itself:

  • Camouflaged as street lamp, traffic light, road sign, billboard, etc.
  • Weather proof
  • Vandalisms proof
  • Adjustable in colour and height
  • Capable of being integrated everywhere


  • Camping lotsMarina
  • Marinas
  • Waterfront promenades
  • Parks
  • Open-air pools
  • City gardens
  • Recreation areas


Operating the hotspot systems enables countless applications and services. Besides mobile working environments our solution may be used for:
  •  Mobile Internet for visitors
  •  Mobile payment or advertising systems
  •  Internal data or communication systems
  •  Integrated video surveillance
  •  Information access portals
  •  Providing free information:
    •  Booking status
    •  Special offers
    •  Opening hours

Turn-key solution

Multiple antennas inside the Integrated Radio Mast allow to separate the backhaul and access networks. There is no additional cabling necessary. The created meshed network topology offers two big advantages: high availability and load balancing.

By our bips.net solution we are offering a complete solution including operations support systems, user management and accounting. bips.net is providing a turn-key solution for any small or large outdoor-WiFi coverage.