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LTE/WiFi Router Evaluation

Hardware Performance Measurement

Actual performance of Wi-Fi networks depend on two main criteria: The quality of the radio network in terms of having as much as possible interference free environment and on the quality of the used equipment, in particular on access points and clients. Therefore it is a natural task for us to look into more detail into hard- and software used for Wi-Fi transmission.

To get reliable comparison of different router products we developed a procedure to compare them based on technical criterion and end-user-perception, based on real-world-use-cases. Based on our specialized knowledge to rate the radio characteristics of RF-equipment we did a detailed hardware inspection as well as dedicated measurement in our lab to validate and supplement our findings.


For LTE / WiFi-router we run a test campaign in 2015 to compare six products provided by mobile operators in Austria. As an result we have been able to determine the pros and cons of the different router types. There was one clear winner of this test. The Arion router "3HuiGate" provided by Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH convinced with best performance and good handling. Therefore it was the first router which receives our certificate for “Beste WiFi-Leistung unter allen Mobilfunkbetreiber Routern”.


Our clients benefit in different ways by our router evaluation tests. From testing experiences and results they can improve their customers support by placement and handling recommendations. Our findings are also important as an input for negotiations with hardware suppliers. Best practice considerations give a good hint how to overcome commonly experienced issues. It also help to detect in an early stage non-acceptable technical design issues, e.g. by not carefully enough mounted or not properly selected components. Due to our adaptive and fast company structure, we can handle requests fast and make an individual offer that suits your needs.