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WiMAP-4G - radio planning tool

WiMAP-4G - radio network planning

WiMAP-4G is the radio network planning software by brown-iposs. It is developed particularly for planning the air interface of professional wireless access networks, e.g. based on WLAN or LoRaWAN standard.

WiMAP-4G Screenshot

By the integrated Free-Space-Propagation and COST-231 Walfish-Ikegami model and an interface to the high-performance raylauncher CORLA (by TNC), WiMAP-4G supports a broad variety of applications: From a coarse overview to a detailed analysis of the field strength - from the search for suitable measurement points to the planning of telecommunication networks.

Available License Versions

(free of charge)
basic propagation models additional import/export features
comfortable project creation & handling additional high-class propagation models
basic antenna patterns high-definition visualisation
basic visualisation features unlimited number of sites and points

The Professional Edition offers higher flexibility, more comfort and additional features to improve your productivity and successful planning.