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Over the past 15 years, we have continuously developed AnalyTo. Now the 50th major release of our software and support solution for georeferenced mobile optimization has been delivered. More than reason enough to invite our customers and employees to a workshop and get-together. Meeting face-to-face with our long-time users was a wonderful and nowadays unusal part of the day. Although the Bonn summer showed its moody side on this day, the event was a complete success.

Analyto 50.Release Workshop

When we launched AnalyTo, 5G or even 6G were still a distant dream. But a mobile network that was as optimized as possible was already in demand back then. And so we met with great demand right from the start, which continues to this day. A real success and our thanks go to the entire brown-iposs team as well as to our customers, whom we have had the privilege to accompany for many years. Therefore it was our concern to celebrate this important occasion with a customer event at the brown-iposs headquarters.

15 years of AnalyTo Development and an Outlook on the Future

AnalyTo’s birthday was a fitting occasion for us to look back on 15 years and 50 versions of development, progress and great collaboration with our partners. Of course, we also took a look at the future of our solution: There are a lot of innovations waiting for even higher levels of automation, tilt optimization as well as the integration of additional data sources such as ROC-T.

One goal of the event was to identify their future challenges and requirements in close exchange with our customers in order to determine the direction of AnalyTo’s further development in the coming years. Both the brown-iposs team and our guests took advantage of the pleasant atmosphere for personal discussions in smaller groups. Of course, technical topics were discussed, but there was also a lively exchange apart from that.

Drone flight as highlight

Of course, the necessary catering was provided – the attendees enjoyed specialties from the grill and drinks from the refrigerator. A small highlight was the drone flying competition, which took place after the professional exchange of opinions. The aim was to cover a distance with various obstacles as quickly as possible. Because showers and gusts of wind thwarted the original plan to hold the races on our company premises, they were moved indoors without further ado. But this in no way dampened the enthusiasm of the participants and everyone had a lot of fun with the nimble flyers even indoors.

AnalyTo-Workshop: We say Thank You!

We would like to thank our guests and our team for the successful workshop and are already looking forward to the next 15 years in which we will work closely and trustfully with our customers to further advance the development of AnalyTo and thus the optimization of mobile communications.